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    WHATCOM INDEPENDENT MOUNTAIN PEDALERS (WHIMPs)  The premier mountain bike club in Western Washington.  Their site is loaded with information.

Cycling Camano Island  Dedicated to the enjoyment of cycling on and around  Camano Island  Excellent single speed mountain biking forum.

Dragon Tongue Single Speeds   A favorite of mine.  Informative and interesting ride reports.

Single Speed Outlaw is informative and entertaining.

The International Single Speed Association is another great site.  Excellent links page.  "the network of singlespeeders world wide."

SingleSpeeds Anonymous Cool site!  Worth a visit.

 The web cyclery is THE place to find the stuff you need for SS mtbing.

For less than the cost of a good mountain bike tire you can sponsor a homeless dog (or cat) until it finds a good home at WAIF    Please do what you can to prevent the senseless euthanization of millions of pets each year.   

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