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Mo's (right front, red & yellow Cannondale) Movie debut
"Practical Magic"  filmed the spring of 1998 in Coupeville, Washington
We were told to "animate" to give the impression of speed though we had to ride against our brakes in our pixie rings.  As you can see I'm getting into the part and really pegged the "character."  It took us all day and dozens of takes for a few seconds in the movie.  It was fun and they fed us well.  I'm available for "Breaking Away 2" ...  Just call my agent ;^)

Name: Maurice aka "Mo"
Resides: Camano Island
Occupation:  Please send applications to
Club: Skagit Bicycle Club & Camano Trail Union
Greatest Cycling Achievement:  Managing to spend disproportionate amounts of income and time on bicycling while maintaining a long term relationship.
Favorite Pre Ride Meal:  I know it's not chili
Favorite on Bike Food: Anything that doesn't fly in or crawl in on it's own.
Favorite Post Ride Meal:  Dick's Deluxe, Fries and a Coke
Favorite Beverage:  I'm partial to Amber carbonated beverages.
Favorite Ride:  Just about any ride that doesn't involve changing a tube after I've ridden through dog poop or getting stung.
Bikes: Many
2002 TET custom road bike.  A perfect blend of road and track bikes.
1999 Gunnar "Tire Biter" road bike.
1997 Cannondale Cad 3.  Best stock bike I've ever owned
1992 TREK 2300
1994 TREK 970 converted to a single speed by having track fork ends (drop outs) welded on.
1996 TREK 970 converted to a 26" wheeled touring bike, fenders etc...
1996 TREK 970 mountain bike
1992 TREK 970 future touring bike
1995 John Waite Custom Track bike.  Built like a tank, sprints like a dream.

My former Bikes:  1994 & 1995 Gary Fisher Procaliber OCLV Ltd., 1997 Lemond Zurich, 1995 TREK 5000 OCLV, 1999 Cannondale RT-1000 Tandem, 1976 (?) Schwinn Paramount (when I was a teenaged shop rat), 1992 TREK 970, 1987 Schwinn High Sierra, Late 80s Serotta (Columbus tubing),  Raleigh Pro Track bike, DeRosa Track bike, 1992 Burley Bongo Tandem, 1991 TREK 520 Touring bike, Drake Three speed, Schwinn Varsity, a red trike, a Schwinn Typhoon,

Inspiring Quote: "Failure is only postponed success as long as courage "coaches" ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory."
- Herbert Kaufman

"ALWAYS wear a helmet!"