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Vintage 1981 Blake
He finished on the podium in this race but was later relegated for taking an illegal feed.  Rumor has it he stole a bottle from a baby in a stroller.  Look at that intensity!  Two decades later Blake still has the passion!

Name: Blake  aka Blanco Campyvelo
Team: Aurora Cycling Club
Residence:  Stanwood, WA
Bikes: Brace of Davidson road and track bikes with Campy Record.  Voodoo mountain bike, fixed gear and wet weather Trek, Burly Rock n Roll. Lemond 853 and a Surly single speed.
Favorite Event: Track, Track and more Track
Greatest Cycling Accomplishment: while riding with my son Matt, he turned to me and said "Dad, do you know why I like riding so much?  It's because I'm riding with you Dad."
Inspiring Quote: "Go fast, turn left."
Dream Bike: My Yellow Davidson named "Creaky"
Goals:  Healthy Knees and racing the track with both of my sons Matt & Cody