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Mo's Bikes
In early 2002 I had Tom Teasdale build me a custom steel frame and fork.  He expertly blended the characteristics, geometries and tubeset into exactly the bike I wanted.  I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND him if you are looking for a custom frame.

1996 TREK 970.  I like it so much, I have two.

My TREK 2300 gets hard duty as my training &  winter bike due to it's rust free durable construction.  It is a  neutral handling bike, very stable and predictable.  My only knock on the frame is that it lacks lateral stiffness.  

My road racing bike is a screaming yellow and red Cannondale CAD 3.  It's responsive, light and sprints like a dream.  I've been very impressed with this bike.  My Aluminum prejudices have been disproven.   It is comfortable over long distances and has proven to be durable.  Great bike.  

My track bike is a John Waite frame with Campy and Mavic components.  I like the aggressive geometry and stiffness.  

I own 1/2 (the front half) of a 1999 Cannondale Tandem.  It's our second tandem.

The bike I've been enjoying the most lately is a converted TREK 970 Singlespeed Mountain bike.

Future Bikes:  A unicycle and a recumbent (probably a bike SatRday) are still needed to complete (?) my collection.

Former bikes: I've owned a lot of different bikes.  A Lemond Zurich, Schwinn High Sierra, a couple of Gary Fisher ProCalibers,  A TREK OCLV 5000 road bike, a Serotta (columbus) road bike, an older Trek (531) road bike, a TREK 520 touring bike, a De Rosa Track bike, a Raleigh Track bike, a Burley Tandem, a Drake three speed, a Schwinn Varsity, a Schwinn Typhoon, a red trike and a few others....