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Mo cycling

Mountain Bikes
If I could only have ONE bike, it would be a mountain bike.  They are versatile, rugged and fun to ride.

Road Bikes
Impressive distances can be covered easily and quickly on a bicycle.  No other form of land transportation is as enjoyable or emancipating.

Track Bike
(That's me upper left)
One would think that riding a bicycle around in circles on a velodrome would be boring.  Actually, it's some of the most exciting racing there is.  The physical demands are great but the tactical aspect of track racing is the key to success.  It's like chess on bikes.  The rider-bike connection are amplified on a fixed gear bike, there is no coasting and no braking.  

Tandems are THE best way to ride WITH your spouse.

I can not think of anything else that is as enjoyable that close to puking.  

The world awaits.

It's so much fun, it's hard to believe it's exercise.