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Camano Climb Route
The official Camano Climb takes place annually the first weekend in May.  If you seek a challenging 50 mile (or 35 mile) route any time of the year, this is the ride for you.

NOTE: The May 5, 2002 Camano Climb will have a NEW START/FINNISH area at the New Camano Senior Center and they've added a Spagetti feast afterwards.

The "Old" Route
The ride begins at Heritage Park in Stanwood.
.4 mi left onto 102nd Ave NW
.6 Right onto 273rd Pl, NW
.7 Left onto 104 Pl Dr NW
1.0 Right onto Highway 532
3.0 Right onto Good Road (changest to Utsalady at 4.2)
6.3 Cross Arrowhead Road staying on Utsalady
7.1 Right onto North Camano Drive
9.2 Huntington Beach Store
9.5 Right onto Sunset Ave
13.4 Right onto West Camano Drive (turns into Mountain View road)
19.4 Right onto West Camano Drive (Elger Bay Store)  
*** 35 mile route goes straight and rejoins the 50mile route at Cascade View Drive***
27.7 West Camano turns into East Camano Drive (Camano Head)
35.0 Right onto Mt. Baker Ave
35.1 Left onto Cascade View Drive
35.9 Right onto East Camano Drive
36.2 Right onto Country Club Drive
37.8 Right onto Cavalero Road
38.4 Right onto East Camano Drive
38.9 Right onto Lehman Drive
40.7 Right onto Russell Road
41.8 Left onto Sunrise Blvd
44.5 Right onto East Camano Drive
45.5 Right onto Juniper Beach Road / Turns into Smith Road
47.6 Right onto Highway 532
49.1 Left onto 104th Dr NW (just after the AM/PM Arco station)
49.4 Right onto 273 Pl NW
49.6 Left onto 102nd Ave NW
49.7 Right onto 276 St NW (before RR tracks)
50.0 Heritage Park Finish