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Harder than Hill route
This route incorporates some of Camano Island's nastiest climbs into one challenging route.

Park at Camano Island State Park near the boat launch
The route begins climbing right away through the park.
Exit the park and continue to the stop sign.
Left on West Camano Drive for a long rolling grind to Sunset Drive.
Left on Sunset Drive and descend into the Madrona Beach community before climbing out.
Continue on Sunset until you Reach Rocky Point Drive
Turn left on Rocky Point Drive
Descend to Brokaw turn right
Left  on Scenic Ave onto Maple Grove Drive
A tough climb up Maple Grove back to North Camano Drive
Left on North Camano  descending to Utsalady Road ***
Left on Utsalady, enjoy the flat scenic road for a short while
Right on Arrowhead to begin climbing again.
Right on Cross Island Road (big climb, good shoulder)
Descend to West Camano and turn left
South to Carp Lake Road for another climb
Right on Camano Ridge Road
Right on Camano Hill Road
Descend to West Camano Drive and turn left.
Left on Monticello for a short but vicious climb.
Descend to Elger Bay road and turn right
Turn right at Elger Bay Store (Mountain View)
A short decent before another challenging climb.
Turn left on Lowell Point Road and return to the Park.

This is the "short version" of the Harder than Hill route.  The long route incorporates the ***Brentwood climb (extra nasty), Camano Hill road,  Sunrise Road and a visit to the southern tip of the island for a trip up Camano head.