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Mo's Gym Strength Area
L-R Vectra Online 1500, Parabody Dumbell Rack, Parabody Squat Rack, two Parabody Multi-Adjustable Benches, Tuff Stuff Leg Press / Hack Squat

The older I get, the more I appreciate the benefits of strength training.  My health, performance (work and play) and appearance are all improved by strength training.  Motivation is easy with progress and results.   Believe it or not, it's fun to push the iron around.

I vary my strength routine to meet performance goals.  I typically split my routine into three seperate workouts, Legs;  Back & Biceps and Chest, Triceps & Shoulders.  I prefer the spllit to whole body routine.  If my time is limited or I'm doing a high volume of cardio I will incorporate a whole body routine.

Cardio Area
L-R  Pace Master Treadmill, Gunnar road bike on Fluid Trainer, Nordic Track Pro and a CoMotion Tandem in the background.

Typical Workout Splits
Legs (A)
Split Squats
Lying Leg Curl
Toe Raises
Cooldown on Stationary Bike

Legs (B)
Leg Extension
Seated Leg Curls
Leg Press
Toe Raises
Cooldown on Stationary Bike

Back & Biceps
Low Cable or Dumbell Rows
Hyper Extensions
EZ curls, standing or preacher
Dumbell Curls
Cable Curls
Hammer Curls

Chest, Triceps & Shoulders
Incline Bench
Tricep Pushdowns
Lying Tricep Extensions
Shoulder Press
Cuban Press
Side/Front Raises
Bent Raises, cable or dumbell

If I am doing a high volume of cardio (Bicycling training and racing) I will switch to a whole body routine.  I've found that I can mitigate strength loses and improve cycling performance.  I rotate a triad routine that incorporates a wide variety of exercises but has three primary focus groups.  I have a Whole Body Leg Focus routine with a higher volume compound leg exercise (4-8 sets) and 2-4 sets for the remaining body parts.  My Whole Body Back Focus and Whole Body Chest Focus follow the same pattern of higher volume for the focus muscle group and a lower volume for the remaining groups.

Except for ab exercises I rarely do more than 20 reps and more typically in the 8-15 range.  Occasionally I'll do dueces or fours.  When I perform more reps than the desired range with good form I increase the weight, decrease the rest interval or pre-exhaust the muscle group.

I like to add drop sets for muscles like traps, triceps, biceps and shoulders occasionally.  Once in a while I'll do negatives but it's rare and only if I have a good spotter.