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Lightweight Folding Knives
Lightweight Hiking Boots
Jansport Tahoma Backpack

Lightweight Folding Knives

Gerber LST  ($20)
Specifics:  L.S.T. (Light, Smooth, and Tough) Knife.  Zytel® handle and a high carbon stainless steel blade. Length open is 6.12" and closed 3.5", weight is 1.3 ounces (36 g).  USA

Tested: Since the mid 1980's

Likes:  Easy one handed opening.  Small enough to carry all the time, big enough to be useful.  Lanyard hole.  Useful shape blade suitable for a multitude of tasks (cleaning trout, spreading jelly, pruning in the garden ...).  Inexpensive.  Takes and holds a keen edge.  

Dislikes: None.

Schrade SP3 ($20)
Specifics: Schrade + steel blade, 6.6" open, 3.75" closed. 40 grams.  USA

Tested: Since 1987

Likes: One handed opening (not as easy as the LST), nice size to carry and still large enough to be useful.  Takes and holds a keen edge.  Inexpensive.

Dislikes:  Blade not as sturdy as LST or SOG.  No lanyard hole. (Newer models do have the Lanyard hole).

SOG Lightweight locking folder  ($40)
Specifics: Hollow ground clip point blade 7.25 open, 4" closed. 67 grams.  Thumb peg.  Seki-Japan

Tested: Since 1994

Likes:  High quality throughout.  Lanyard hole.  Easy one handed opening with thumb peg. Heavy duty construction.  Takes and holds a keen edge.

Dislikes:  Noticeably heavier and bulkier when carried in pocket.  Thumb peg rides uncomforably against leg in pocket unless turned away.  Difficult to open without thumb peg.

Lightweight Hiking boots

Adidas Augur ll  ($85 @ REI)
Specifics: Average weight 2 lbs. 10 oz.   Upper Full-grain leather  Construction Cemented.  Midsole Molded EVA.  Outsole Rubber.  Support Nylon system.  Lining DriLex.  Lasting method Board lasted.

Tested: Since March of 2001, 70 kilometers so far, 10 kilometers longest single hike.  Terrain = Trails, brushy cross country hike, rocky northwest beaches

Comments:  These shoes tend to run a half size too small and a little on the narrow side.  They do require a break in period.  I have more than 500 kilometers of hiking in these boots and show no signs of wearing out.

Likes:  Very strudy construction (so far)  Grippy traction and excellent support.  Very comfortable after broken in.

Dislikes:  Small tread knobs pick up trail debris and stones.

Nike ACG Lightweight hiking boots ($90 @ Nike Town)
Tested: Since 1998

Likes: Comfortable after break in.

Dislikes:  Multi-density traction knobs broke off quickly.  Outer sole split and then delaminated.  Laces wore out quickly.  Poor durability.

Jansport Tahoma Backpack

These are reviews I've gleaned from other sites

"This is a great little pack! I have used mine for a few years now and find it to be just the right size for lightweight backpacking. The materials used have never ripped or failed me and it is simple enough that there isnít a lot that can go wrong. The weight was a bit off and after taking the sternum strap and extra straps off it got under 2 lb. If I had to complain about anything it would be the shoulder straps. They are a bit thin and not wide enough for 25-30 pounds of gear. But then again itís not supposed to carry that much. Whatís the best thing about this pack? The fact that you can buy three of them for the same price as a comparable pack from the ďbigĒ gear companies ($50)."

Submitted by: Nigal

"I feel that a Jansport Tohoma is an excellent pack. It has 2800 ci
and is lightwieght for hiking. It weighs a little less than two pounds.
I found that I could get away with it for two and half days. The
first time I used it I knew it was true Jansport. This was my second
Jansport I own. I still use the first one today. The Tahoma is a soft
pack. But a pack that can carry all even the kitchen sink , I have
found other pack comparable. If I rated the pack I would
give it a 9.9 on the assumption that Jansport will make something
even better. Other features to this pack include Sternum strap,
padded hip belt and padded coolgaurd mesk back. I own
Jansport's Super Daybreak, Tahoma and the Rainier II. "

Submitted by: Alan

Type of Gear: Backpack
Manufacturer & Name of Gear: Jansport TahomaPack Weight: 1 lbs., 14oz
Capacity: 2800 cu. in.
Cost: $59.99
Reviewer's Height & Weight: 6' 270 lbs.
Conditions: 4-Seasons - All Conditions
Usage: Lightweight BackpackingWhen I began looking for a weekend backpack I had three conditions to be met: 1) It had to hold all my stuff, 2) It had to have a real hipbelt, 3) It had to be affordable. I found all three in the Tahoma. Shortly after I got the pack I got bit by the ultra-light bug and found to my surprise I could get a weeks worth of gear in it.The Tahoma is very simple and has very few luxuries. It's a top-loader with a top pocket for small items. It has an outside mesh pocket that seems too small for anything but I found it will hold a slender water bladder very well. I found I could save even more weight by cutting off the things I don't need, eg. ice ax loops, extra straps, labels, etc.Overall, this is a very well made pack and can serve many purposes at a very nice price.