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By May Spring is getting into full swing.  There are many botanical roadside distractions to pique your interest in Camano's natural beauty.

The Oregon Crabapple malus fusca (fus-ca:dusky) is putting on a show by mid-may.  The leaves are irregular ovals, pointed and fine toothed.  Spur twigs and "shredded" bark on the main stem are good identifiers.

The first nation peoples of this area used the bark as a medicinal tea and the wood to make tools including harpoon points.

The bright orange flowers of the Orange Honeysuckle, Lonicera ciliosa are sure to attract your attention.  This vine scrables around, over and through trees, fences, wires and just about any other stationary object seeking light.   Another favorite of the hummingbirds.  The translucent red/orange berries may be poisonous.

In the Coast Salish languages name for this plant 'ghost's swing' or 'owl's swing.'